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Chicago, IL


As a photographic artist, I am inspired by the everyday scenes of life: nature, people, architecture. I see beauty in simple things - the intersection of angles and the lines of a building, the way a tree reaches toward the sky, the colors of the seasons. With camera in hand I traverse the city and countryside, capturing people and places as I see them in my mindís eye. Photography is a creative outlet that allows me to take what I have photographed and play with colors and effects to make it something more than what the lens captured or to simply represent the beauty of a thing as it is. For me, photography is a great uniter: everyone takes photos and I find it is a wonderful way to start a conversation with people. I shoot with a Nikon D300s and a variety of lenses. I am self taught and have been seriously shooting for the last 4 years. Iíve learned through trial and error, experimentation, emulation, innovation, and spending time with photographers whom i respect and who are generous with their coaching and advice. I keep current in new techniques but I am also inspired by great 20th and 21st century photographers such as Diane Arbus, William Eggleston, Lee Friedlander, Gordon Parks, Henri Cartier Besson and landscape photographer Peter Lik. My father was a photographer and it may be that I was destined to pick up a camera and start shooting. I think he would be proud I have followed in his footsteps.

I currently live in Chicago's Wicker Park/Ukrainian Village area with my two dogs, Taz and Spike. My work has been exhibited at The Carlos Jimenez Gallery in Wicker Pakr, Galleria 1712, D Vision, Janikís in Ukrainian Village, the Charles H Wright Museum of African American Historyin Detroit, MicHIGAN, and I have an exhibit in Lisbon Portugal at the Galeria Colorida starting November 2012. I have been published in Capture My Chicago and Heritage Magazine, a magazine published by the US Dept. of the Interior for it's National Parks, as well as other local and national publications and one of my photos has been the cover art for Home Sweet Sanctuary: Idlewild Families Celebrate a Century by Dr. Gloria House. I also do freelance work for a sports photography company as well as write about photography and Chicago events in the



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